The Legacy Continues

The Titan Submersible is back in the conversation. The largest payout in history may go to the largest creep in history. Some dude was found guilty.

The Legacy Continues

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The Submersible That Keeps On Giving

Remember the submersible? The Titan? The one that kinda went *boop* last year with a handful of rich folk on board? We're BACK BAYBEEEEE

Kinda. There's an investigation going on into the whole situation, and the Coast Guard Lad who is in charge of the investigation has stated that the transcript that was released during the whole ordeal which showed communication between the Titan and its mother ship was actually just a lie.

They had released a transcript that showed that the Titan submersible—the one controlled with a Logitech video game controller and used material that literally everyone in the industry knew not to use—was communicating back to the crew up on the surface, saying that they see indicators of issues and are making adjustments and such, before falling silent.

Turns out, possibly for the better for those aboard, that seems to be bullshit. "I’m confident it’s a false transcript,” says Investigator Lad. Instead, it is believed that they just got blipped out of existence before they knew what happened, which is probably for the best.

Quite Literally, This Fucking Guy

Elon Musk is a little creep who demands that his underlings at his companies have his children because he is a weird eugenicist cultist who believes that he is peak human and that his genes must be spread in order to save humanity. I'm not joking when I say the elite of the tech world are out of their fucking minds. Oh, and of course Jeffrey Epstein was among those who want to "seed the world."

Let's just be clear about that as we learn, again, of more of his creepy behavior as detailed by a massive report by the Wall Street Journal, who interviewed dozens of women, employees, and associated folk. He has routinely groomed, slept with, and requested children-havery from women he employed at SpaceX, Tesla, and more. Upon rejecting his "advances," women at his companies report being retaliated against or denied promotions they were otherwise promised should they... comply.

In short, Musk has a noted habit of having children with women executives and using the extreme power differential inherent to his position to pressure women into sex, including at least one intern. It's fairly likely we're only getting a small window into the actual scale of his creepiness.

In light of this, Musk would much prefer you pay attention to his recent victory in getting Tesla investors to greenlight paying him $50,000,000,000; an entirely necessary thing to happen that makes sense. Though, the deal will likely face court challenges, same as last time.

Tesla is still registered in Delaware, where a judge said that giving Elon Musk fifty billion dollarydoos is a stupid fucking idea. This made Musk mad, because he wanted fifty billion dollarydoos. And so, along with the vote to pay him fifty billion dollarydoos was a stipulation that Tesla would actually finally move its home base to Texas, where I guess its easier for one of the already wealthiest men in the world to pay themselves a gargantuan, unheard-of, literally incomparable payout during one of the largest wealth disparities we've ever seen.

Hunter Biden Found Guilty

Hunter Biden has been found guilty of possessing a firearm while using narcotics. This high profile case is a hangover from the Trump administration, where attacking Hunter Biden was a major campaign strategy for the Trump campaign, since they weren't observant enough to just make fun of ol' Joey for being an absolute fucking drip.

Honestly, the GOP could have the best possible political attack ad campaigns against Democrats if they'd just hire leftists.

Anyway this means nothing. Biden has said he won't pardon Hunter, and the case was tried under the justice department that Biden heads up, technically. He knows he can't do shit without looking corrupt, which is basically the point of the GOP pushing so hard for this case to be beamed directly into your eyeballs.

Sorry for being a part of the beaming. But like, it's what's happening idk.

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