"AirBnB" Implies The Existence of Earth, Water and Fire BnBs

A driver survived a 100ft cliff drop and 5 days stuck immobilized. Also, Mitch McConnell's potential possession, AirBnB essentially banned in NYC, TikTok's shiny new data center and a central hub for witches.

"AirBnB" Implies The Existence of Earth, Water and Fire BnBs

Don't Look Down

A driver of a pickup truck in southern California drove off a 100-foot cliff and crashed into a ravine. He was stuck there for five days, immobilized but alive.

A rescue team of firefighters (reminder, firefighters are rad as hell) arrived to the scene finally, and constructed a sort of human rope pulley system to send down a rescue crew into the ravine, save the driver, and pull them back up.

The driver is reportedly being treated for non-life-threatening conditions. Regardless, I would strongly advise against driving off 100 foot cliffs into a ravine if you can manage passing on such an experience.

The Mitch Glitch Wasn't a Stroke

The US Capitol physician has stated that whatever caused Mitch McConnell to freeze up again in front of the public was not a stroke or a seizure. Instead the physician referred to the incident as a "transient ischemic attack," which essentially means "blood wasn't flowing right for a bit". (Note: I am not a doctor, that's just what I've gathered)

Although I remain Not A Doctor, I do think I have a pretty good eye for incidents of possession, and while I'm not SAYING we're seeing the possessed husk of a man struggling to contain the otherworldly consciousness, I'm not NOT saying that.

AirBnB Essentially Banned in NYC

A new law in New York City has gone into effect this week which strictly regulates AirBnB in the city, all but banning it entirely.

As of now, AirBnB hosts in the city must register their rooms, must be present during their guest's stays, and may only have a maximum of 2 guests at a time. This is part of a larger effort to fight back against essentially unlicensed short term rental systems which have been ravaging the rental market in the area.

Notably, this is how shit was supposed to work in the first place: renting out your spare room, rather than becoming a shadow real-estate mogul renting out entire apartment complexes as short term rentals while homelessness spikes and rental prices skyrocket.

TikTok's Shiny New Data Center

TikTok has launched a new data center based in Dublin in order to have an EU-based location for EU user data. This is another in a long series of moves that TikTok has been making to adhere to regulations from western lawmakers.

The EU in particular has fairly progressive user data privacy and management regulations, far exceeding that of the United States, which has been using TikTok as a primary punching bag talking about malicious data usage and why we need to ban TikTok (and yet we don't ban Meta's data collection, nor do we pass laws protecting citizen data).

TikTok has also been working to propose setting up more US data centers, and has already made movements on that front, storing US user data in a data center run by the US-based company Oracle (who is also a massive legal black hole of a company). This effort is called "Project Texas," because lmfao of course it is.

On This day…

On this day in 1628, the town of Salem, Massachusetts was founded. Home to the famous Salem Witch Trials, Salem was your one stop shop bubbles, toil and trouble. It was also a notable port city but I prefer to think of it as a bustling hub of witches.

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