A Long History of Bread Innovations

A $600,000 wine heist has my attention. Also, a look at the unrest in France, Threads makes its debut (Elon is totally taking it well), a judge says the Biden admin stopped a free speech, and we are out here innovating on bread.

A Long History of Bread Innovations

Oceans 17%

Some dude broke into a wine store and stole $600,000 worth of wine.

It was a high end bottle shop, and 600+ bottles were stolen over the course of a four hour long heist. The burglar reportedly drilled in through the roof and descended into the wine cellar from a rope, where he went on to peruse the selection and pick out some of the rarest bottles to swipe.

While pretty wild to think about, it does suck for the store owner who sees a lot of the stolen bottles as irreplaceable.

The Riots in France Aren't That Simple

You may have heard about rioting in France over the past few days, or you may not have. France is trying pretty dang hard to control narrative around the situation, and frankly, it's working.

But there's riots in France right now after a 17-year-old kid of Algerian descent was murdered by cops at a traffic stop, underscoring the long history of racism in the country. While the resulting action seemed chaotic, it was still fairly organized: largely targeting public buildings, a city mayor and the government in general. The general narrative France wanted to sow was "young non-white rioters getting out of control after the regrettable and tragic death of a 17 year old who should have behaved better" rather than "people historically oppressed by a government who refuses to acknowledge that they need help lash out against the unjust state after the state murdered a kid."

While of course some of the riots and looting were driven by opportunists, the lions share was an organized effort by groups of minorities who have long been overlooked as their government claims to be "colorblind" in the face of a need for attention to details. Details such as history, color, and the history of color.

ZUCC Would Like a Word

Alright I gotta talk about Threads. I'm sorry. I know the entire fucking internet is talking about it but lemme just get mine, okay?

Meta (Instagram?) launched Threads, their direct Twitter competitor. They timed it pretty well with the absolute implosion of Twitter—in fact—they moved up the timeline by a day seemingly out of nowhere. Literally, they had a countdown timer on the website that suddenly skipped forward several hours to have it launch Wednesday evening instead of Thursday morning.

The app is… fine. It already has dozens of millions of users because its basically just "log in with Instagram and import your social graph" which is a pretty killer feature. But that's kinda its only feature. You can post, sure, but you can't have a timeline of people you follow, or even really hashtags apparently.

It'll grow over time and that'll be cool and all but like, I don't really recommend using it unless you really need a new place to Post Stuff Online and also for some reason specifically want to be on the Zuckerberg train.

Also, the privacy on the app is abysmal, so much so that they just flat out aren't live in the EU because they can't adhere to the EU's still-very-lax privacy laws.

Oh, and Elon is taking it super well. Suuuuuper well. He definitely didn't say that being harassed on Twitter is preferable to using Threads, and definitely isn't suing Meta over it.

Speaking of Social Media,

A judge has ruled in favor of an injunction against the Biden administration, claiming that the admin broke freedom of speech by requesting social media networks to take down misinformation about COVID-19 and COVID vaccines.

The judge—a Trump appointee who was against mask and vaccination mandates—claims that the White House overstepped its bounds by working with social media companies to take down posts. The White House says they reached out to the companies who made their own decision to suppress posts.

The judge did, however, say that in cases of voting and campaign fraud misinformation, that is an allowable type of speech to step in and request the removal of, because it's not 1st amendment protected.

Ultimately, this smells like conservative narrative flexing, given the fact that its mostly about "conservative opinions" like refusing vaccines or disagreeing about the existence or threat of a disease that killed millions of people worldwide.

But hey: maybe people who are not experts in public health shouldn't be posting highly-visible personality-cult style messages with literal lies, misdirection and dangerous alternatives on massive for-profit social media websites whose sole purpose is to get as many users reading as much stuff on there as possible.

On This day…

On this day in 1928, the Chillocothe Baking Company changed the world by selling sliced bread for the first time. Quite literally, this is the day in which the phrase "the best thing since sliced bread" is referring to.

Of note, sliced bread was noted as the greatest forward step in the baking industry since bread was wrapped," so it begs the question: what will we do to bread next which will change the world?

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