Charity Fundraiser Result & Scheduling Update

A quick update on fundraising & scheduling


A few quick updates to share.

First I want to just recap something amazing: last night, I hosted a charity livestream raising money for a charity called Games for Love. This incredible community came together and raised $1,710 for charity, all of which will be going directly towards improving the lives of children in hospitals. An incredibly huge "thank you" to everyone who donated, and to the special guests who joined me on stream for some fun times.

Second, an update on scheduling. I took this past week off as a break to handle a few personal matters, and I am happy to report I am doing well. Unfortunately, I will need to extend my break a bit longer due to some technical difficulties (my main workstation computer is acting up and I gotta reset it, basically). I will need a few days of time to just work through some stuff but will hopefully get all set real soon. My hope is to be back to my normal schedule starting on this Wednesday, but I will keep you posted on that front.

So in short: thank you all for helping me to raise money for a good cause, and I will be spending the first half of this week fixing up a few things so I can get back to my normal content and streaming schedule.

Take care, be well, and I'll see you soon.

~ Endeavorance 🕊️

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