Let's Play COVIDeo Games

Your DNA can be taken from the air around you, which is cool and horrifying. Also, Rudy Giuliani hit with a huge lawsuit, ex-Apple employee indicted, and time for Long COVID gamer moments

Let's Play COVIDeo Games

No more need for plucking a hair to nab some DNA

Your DNA can just be taken from thin air now instead! Neat! Horrifying!

Scientists have discovered how to just kinda like—I guess—swab the air? Or some sand? Or just kinda… anything? Turns out our science is now good enough that some residual whatever can contain high enough quality samples of DNA that we can detect all sorts of things, even abnormalities.

So the next time someone needs to steal your DNA for some reason, they can just be somewhere in your general vicinity and capture some of that sweet sweet DNA-ridden air.

Rudy Giuliani hit with a big ol' lawsuit

Content warning: Having to think about Rudy Giuliani's penis

A former employee of Rudy Giuliani has filed a massive lawsuit alleging some huge claims about repeated sexual assault, wage theft, even conspiring with Trump to sell pardons for $2 million.

The allegations are HONESTLY REAL GROSS and I don't feel like giving myself any more psychic damage than I already take daily, so I'll summarize with: she claims that he essentially kept her on payroll to request sex at any time. If you truly want to dive in to answer the question of "what does it look like to be Rudy Giuliani's play thing," be my guest. I need new eyes after reading that.

Third ex-Apple employee charged with stealing self driving car stuff

There have long been rumors that Apple is slowly working towards releasing a self-driving car, or at least is working on self-driving car technology. Those rumors are backed up by the fact that previously, two employees have been charged with stealing Apple's technology to take to a foreign company.

Well, we've got a third one now. According to a new indictment, a former Apple employee made a deal with a Chinese company, took a job there, saved a bunch of Apple's technology for a few months after getting the new job, then left for the new gig.

The ex-employee is apparently now in China, so this indictment doesn't mean much unless the US is able to extradite. But if I am being my truest self: I am super over the concept of self driving cars already.

Long COVID game mods are a thing

Remember COVID? That little thing? Perhaps you even remember Long COVID? The longest COVID?

Well if you're like me and you've not actually caught COVID yet, you can now experience it risk-free by downloading a Long COVID mod for The Witcher 3, Minecraft or Elden Ring.

A European NGO called Long COVID Europe has worked with video game modding teams to release several "Long COVID Mode" mods for popular video games. The mods add the effects of Long COVID to the games, such as lower stamina or a loss of focus.

Truly the next level of immersion. The goal is to spread awareness, and while it may drum up more memes than support, it at least gets the idea back in people's heads. So mission accomplished?

Here's the weather

Source: weather.gov

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