DeSantis Bit By A Mouse

They're making an Avatar: The Last Airbender movie but aged up. Also, Disney is suing DeSantis, yet more tech layoffs, Montana trans bullshit is going down and have you seen these SWEET DEALS?

DeSantis Bit By A Mouse

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Did you know they're making an Avatar movie? Like, the Last Airbender one

They are! We've known this for a while actually, but now it is confirmed that the first of three planned movies will follow the original main cast from the first show, but aged up quite a bit! We'll see Aang & co running around doing AVATAR THINGS as adults.

The movie is to be directed by Lauren Montgomery who is a veteran from the original series, so hopefully we don't have much to worry about on the whole… person directing an Avatar movie front.

If you thought I was talking about the upcoming Netflix live-action adaptation, I am not. While I am a big big big Avatar fan, I uh… I don't have high hopes for that one, y'all.

I am, however, still holding out hope for a Kyoshi movie.

Disney v. DeSantis

You have probably already heard about this one, but you're gonna hear it again and you're gonna hear it from me. So.

Disney is officially suing Ron "a governor, apparently" DeSantis, who is apparently a governor, and specifically a governor of Florida. My sources were unable to confirm if Florida is a place that actually exists.

They're suing over a "relentless campaign to weaponize government power" (their words) which I mean… seems kinda right. DeSantis has been attacking Disney because they are "woke" according to him, because they don't actively hate gays. Or, rather, they don't actively loudly say they hate gays.

This is actually Kind Of A Big Deal, as DeSantis has been mostly trying to score political points, while Disney, horrifyingly, has massive political and economic impact on the state. This could get hella ugly.

Also: you do not need to "root for Disney". You do not need to "root" to begin with. This is a wholly shitty situation. Nobody here is good, and it could have been totally avoided. Disney should not have as much state-like power as it has. DeSantis is a literal fascist and is picking fights to get attention. Everyone else just flat out loses, and taxpayers are going to cover all of these legal fees in the end.

So. Fuck that whole situation.

Remember tech layoffs?

Well they're still happening. Beyond the Disney layoffs I talked about last time, we have two more big layoffs to go over (among many, many others).

First, Dropbox is laying off 16% of their workforce, amounting to about 500 employees. It is at this moment that I should remind you that every single tech company has to have some cutesy name to refer to their employees, so their layoff blog (as layoff blogs are so popular now) says they'll be laying off "500 Dropboxers," which just sounds deeply sexual.

Next up, Clubhouse! The app that you maybe heard of, and was super popular for like 45 seconds among a very specific group of people. They're laying off 50% of their employees in what they are calling a "reset."

We are very likely not out of the woods yet here, as Meta is still ruminating on more layoffs among other companies still getting in on that good good layoff season.

Of note, while some of these layoffs are truly unavoidable, I cannot stress enough how avoidable the situations leading to these layoffs was. Also like… a lot of these are just tech CEOs doing layoffs because they can get away with it. Might as well clean house and reassert dominance, right?

Montana Republicans go for the Tennessee play

Republicans in Montana are upset that trans representative Zooey Zephyr has things to say about a bill that will directly affect the lives of trans people in Montana. It's weird, because I was told that representatives were supposed to represent constituents but what the fuck do I know?

The actual ghouls in the Montana house have voted to silence the representative. Like, literally taking votes at the start of proceedings to agree to restrict her right to speak. They're throwing a hissy-fit because she said there would be "blood on their hands" if they pass the anti-trans legislation. JUST A STEP TOO FAR MY LADY. Oh, and yet again she stood with protestors when the people found out that their elected official is being barred from representing them.

So voters voted in a representative, the opposing political party uses their majority to literally just say "no" to her being able to speak, and then get upset when her constituents are like "ayo what the actual hell?"

Where we stand now is that Zephyr has been "formally punished" and is not allowed to speak on the floor. She may only vote remotely, working from a literal hallway.

This shit is not okay. Republicans have latched on to the most vulnerable group they can currently get away with stomping on. They can't pass laws that directly say "no black people at my country club" anymore, and they have to pretend they support gay rights since that is mainstream enough now. So they've set their sights on the next vulnerable group they can exploit for what I can only assume at this point is some weird sexual fetish for making innocent people's lives worse for no fucking reason.

This is a coordinated, violent effort to genocide trans people in the United States.

Sweet deals on Amazon!

Wanna make some kombucha or something? Put some kind of liquid in a bottle because that's fun? I found this listing for bottles that you may be interested in.

Also, gotta be careful when pouring those liquids into your bottles. Sometimes you may spill some liquids! Be sure to stock up on cotton rags, just in case!

Oh, then you may want to relax with some booze at the end of the day, so I whipped up this LMGTFY link to help you find a nearby liquor store.

All in all, sounds like a nice time.

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