Felony Levels of Nasty

A senior prank ends in felony charges. Also, the debt ceiling talks have ended, it's Memorial Day, and you've got spies in your group chat.

Felony Levels of Nasty

Smells so bad they caused felony charges

A couple of high school seniors in San Antonio have been hit with third-degree felony charges after unleashing a ton of fart spray in their school as a senior prank.

The school reportedly had to evacuate the students to find the source of the smell. Twice, actually. And the smell was so acute that some students were taken to the hospital after having adverse reactions to the spray.

No serious physical injuries occurred but like damn, I'd probably take some psychic damage from having to remember how bad that smelled.

Debt ceiling talks come to a close, kinda

It looks like we'll be seeing Democrats and Republicans voting on a bill to increase the debt ceiling after negotiations between the two, which I'm told are technically different parties, have come to an end.

Basically, we were careening towards economic catastrophe because of arbitrary, meaningless rules around arbitrary, meaningless numbers. But because this is the freest country in the world, our leaders spent months playing chicken with our livelihood. Republicans could have caved at any time, sure. But also, Dems could have handled this when they had a majority in the house and they didn't. I'm told Sinema and Manchin "were gonna block it anyway," which is code for "The Democrats didn't give enough of a shit back then and/or are toothless when in power regardless."

Anyway, the deal is bullshit and didn't need to happen, and vulnerable people will be worse of for it for no other reason than Republicans wanting them to suffer more so they can get more money from the energy companies who now have an easier path towards permit approvals… at the cost of reducing access to food security for poor people.


They're also reclaiming $29 billion from COVID aid and $10 billion from funds that were intended to help the IRS catch tax cheats. Y'know, like the ones who want easier permits for their massive energy operations.

✨ the economy ✨

It's Memorial Day in the US

So go buy a mattress, I guess

Spies in your group chat

While traditional social media would have you just kinda blurt everything out into the open for all to see, most rising social media is group-based with smaller, closed communities. So that begs the question: how do we spy on people and conduct CRITICAL MARKET RESEARCH without having easy access to all of your public data??

The answer? Agencies who specialize in pretending to be a catgirl online and joining your group chats.

Seriously. Kinda. It comes down to this: they want to be in Discord servers, WhatsApp groups, Telegram… telegrams and basically any other closed-group space they can be in. So there are agencies that make fake profiles, infiltrate large open servers and then contract out to companies or governments to funnel information back to them.

Now, you prooooobably don't need to go full tinfoil here, but if you're in, say, a very large community that specializes in like hacking, you may wanna audit who is there.

On this day…

On this day in 1453, Constantinople (which Istanbul was) fell to the Ottoman armies, marking the end of the Byzantine empire.

The city was under siege for 53 days, and was basically the last remnant of the Roman Empire, ending the 1,500 year history.

Here's the weather

Source: weather.gov

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