I Got COVID But Stuff Still Happened

An update on my COVID situation and how its gonna affect Stuff Keeps Happening for a smidge.

Hello, dear readers.

I am still recovering from COVID. While I remain optimistic about a good recovery, I am still pretty much in the depths of it. I tested positive this morning still, which was a bummer even if it was expected.

In an effort to actually do right by myself, I am choosing to hit pause on Stuff Keeps Happening until I am recovered. I was planning to try and put together a newsletter for Monday with the option of recording a video health-permitting, but I think it would be best for my recovery if I instead focus entirely on rest.

Short version: No SKH on Monday. Thursday maaaaybe but I'm not committing to it.

I will also be out of town the week of January 22nd, during which time I did not intend to product SKH, so there's a chance you'll not see much of me on this channel until closer to February.

Of course all of this is regrettable and I was so looking forward to hitting the ground running to kick off 2024. But maybe we can just call a mulligan on January and we can all pretend that Feb 1st is the first day of the new year. Doesn't that sound nice?

Thank you so much for your support and love throughout this. I am doing alright all things considered, and I have a good level of support and access to care. I just need time to recover and hopefully work my way out of this brain fog. Not a vibe.

I will post another update if anything changes. But my primary focus right now is recovery and not making things worse by trying to overwork myself when I should be resting. The last thing I wanna do is increase risk of long COVID. Blegh.

Take care, be well, and I cannot wait to see y'all again soon.

~ Endeavorance 🕊️

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