Introducing the "Goober Reel"

Bonus content is abound as we say hello to the Goober Reel

Introducing the "Goober Reel"


I'm finally doing it. I promise.

In addition to normal Stuff Keeps Happening posts, I will also be uploading a "Goober Reel" as bonus content for paid subscribers to the newsletter, as well as for members of my Patreon who subscribe at the second tier or higher.

This reel will probably be somewhere between 1 and 5 minutes, pretty low polish, and mostly just to show off random goofs I wasn't able to make into the final cut, as well as some behind the scenes, cut takes, and more. Basically, stuff that is fun to see but not actually production material.

If you are a free subscriber to Stuff Keeps Happening, you will of course always have access to the main show. Bonus content is only available to paid members (monthly or annual!)

And so with that said, shall we get to our first Goober Reel?

Yes, I do think so. But first I had to do the "free preview" thing because THAT'S SHOWBIZ. Or something.

Check out today's Goober Reel on YouTube:

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