I Am Not Lion To You

A lion went for a casual evening stroll downtown. Also, Apple settled a discrimination lawsuit, some carjackers picked the worst possible target, NYC mayor Eric Adams lost his phone to the FBI, and the beginning of the end of a famous protest.

I Am Not Lion To You

Lion on the Loose

A literal lion took a casual stroll through a town in Italy after escaping from a circus. I'll say up front: no injuries, no worries. Well. Some worries. Its still a lion.

The 8-year-old lion, named "Kimba," was apparently pretty tame all things considered. He came across a few people, but nothing came of it.

This is a reminder: lions can very super kill you. They may be friend shaped, but alas you should not hug them. Second reminder: stop exploiting animals in circuses.

But yeah. Next time you're out and about walking the city streets at night, be sure to double check that sound you heard wasn't a lion.

An Apple A Day Keeps Employees Away

The US Department of Justice has come to a $25 million settlement with Apple over a discrimination lawsuit the DOJ brought to the company.

According to the DOJ, Apple has been discriminating against US citizens and permanent residents in their hiring practices, favoring foreign labor instead and "creating unlawful barriers that make it harder for someone to seek a job because of their citizenship status" according to the DOJ.

The agreement between the DOJ and Apple acknowledges that the law was violated, but Apple maintains it was just an oopsie-daisy and that they were "unintentionally not following standards."

Tech companies can fairly easily outsource jobs to cheaper markets or otherwise bet on stronger employee retention by hiring foreign workers who depend on the company for a visa. (See also: many of the Twitter employees who couldn't leave after Musk's takeover because they needed the job for the visa)

Yeah, Wrong Car

The US Secret Service opened fire on 3 people who were trying to break in to a car. But uh… the car was a secret service car, for agents protecting President Biden's granddaughter, Naomi.

The car was an unmarked SUV parked in the city, where car break-ins are on the rise. Hell, I recently talked about a US representative whose car was stolen.

Nobody was hit by the gunfire, and the three dudes were seen fleeing in a red car, sparking a bulletin from the Secret Service looking to find them.

So if you see a red car, it is probably them.

Typical Mayoral Phone Seizure

The FBI has seized personal electronic devices (think, phone) from New York City mayor Eric Adams in an ongoing and escalating investigation into possible illegal campaign contributions from foreign nations. This comes just days after his head of campaign fundraising had her home raided by the FBI.

Adams, a former cop, has stated that since he's a former cop, he will totes mcgotes comply and cooperate. His campaign's lawyer also maintains that Adams had nothing to do with anything and that it was some staffer who did The Bad Stuff (if any bad stuff happened, that is).

On This Day…

On this day in 1956, the United States Supreme Court handed down a decision which would end one of the most famous racial protests in US History: the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Rosa Parks, a Black woman living in Alabama, had refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white passenger. State law still required segregated busses. Her protest would spark a year long protest of the racist laws. Eventually, a federal court ruled the state law unconstitutional, which the state fought all the way to the Supreme Court, who ultimately upheld the ruling.

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