PayPal's Bathwater

The world of AI is about as on fire as always. We're looking at our first Millennial Saint. PayPal got a nice loan from Belle Delphine. The US is wondering where everyone went.

PayPal's Bathwater

May 28 2024 Correction: The Spotify Car Thing was released in 2022.

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AI Bullshit, Continued, Continued

The tidal wave of AI bullshit continues.

Last week's online discourse was virtually dominated by the Scarlett Johansson / OpenAI situation. Here's a quick recap:

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, is a weird little creep who is obsessed with the movie Her (the one where Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with an AI voiced by Scarlett Johansson). He also for some reason thinks that The Social Network was an inspirational film for tech founders, so, let that paint a picture of his judge of… anything.

Quick reminder, this is the same dude who wants to scan people's retinas as data to fuel a cryptocurrency.

Anyway, a little while back he just tweeted "Her" right before OpenAI showed off their demo of ChatGPT's new voice, which was creepily flirty and sounded near-identical to Scarlett Johansson's AI character in Her.

Then it came out that he had actually asked Johansson to do the voice, to which she said no. But they went ahead and basically used that as their guide anyway.

They must've actually realized they're in some shit because they've since pulled the voice entirely.

So then while all that was going on, Google decided to roll out their AI search results to everyone, which then proceeded to suggest mixing glue into your pizza and gasoline in your spaghetti.

The Millennial Saint

We may very well see the first Millennial to be elevated to sainthood.

Carlo Acutis, born 1991, unfortunately died at age 15 from leukemia. All my homies hate cancer. But during his life, he maintained a website which indexed miracles. More recently, the Pope has deemed that Acutis himself performed a miracle; the first step towards Sainthood. His miracles (which, full transparency, I don't believe in miracles but I'm not about to be a downer about it) involved healing brain bleed, and curing a child's pancreas.

More than I've done, tbh.

So he meets the requirements and the Vatican seems keen to make him a saint. No notion of if this is a "this year" or "maybe eventually" kind of thing, but we may very well have an avocado toast-eating saint boppin' around heaven soon.

No Baby, All Bathwater

Back in 2019, influencer Belle Delphine took over headlines with her announcement that she'd be selling bottles of her bathwater to fans. "Gamer Girl Bathwater" is a concept that I'd bet will remain in internet history for quite some time.

However, it recently came out that she actually got kinda screwed over from the whole thing. In a recent post, she revealed that at the time, although she did about $90,000 in sales, she never got the money. PayPal froze her account and kept all of the money, then stonewalled her when she tried to reach out for customer support. Ostensibly, her account violated some policy, but the means of her sales didn't seemingly violate a policy. Or at least, not directly.

Belle Delphine's post

Ultimately, she lost money on the situation, as she had to pay for shipping for the product, while not getting the income from her sales.

After posting about it, PayPal finally—like, these 5 years later—paid out her earnings. Probably could have thrown some interest on top, imo.

51 Nifty United States

The International Criminal Court is seeking arrest warrants for the leaders of Israel and Hamas for war crimes. This is because of the war crimes they have done.

Despite that, the United States' official stance is: "well, uh, what if instead we let Israel keep doing what they're doing, but like, hope they stop killing civilians?" as well as a reiteration that Biden has very mixed feelings on it all.

As we look around, our position is increasingly isolated. Ireland, Spain and Norway recently recognized Palestine as its own nation. The UN and ICC are like "hey uh, that's genocide." Meanwhile, the US is digging in its heels, plugging its ears, and shouting "nyah nyah nyah!" — only in reality, the "nyah nyah" is like, thousands of tons of munitions.

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