A Podcast, A Convention and An Update

It's been a minute, huh? I don't like waiting this long in between communications. So how about a little bonus blog kinda thing, yeah?

A Podcast, A Convention and An Update
I do not know why, but here is a picture of a ship. I like ships. That's why.

Hello, dear readers!

It's been a minute, huh? I don't like waiting this long in between communications. So how about a little bonus blog kinda thing, yeah?

I've been taking a short break from Stuff Keeps Happening these past couple of weeks. There's precisely one week left in my planned hiatus, with SKH returning next Wednesday, December 6th.

HOWEVER. I have not really been "on break" – I've been hard at work on the launch of a brand new podcast project, The Atlas Loom: An exploration of worldbuilding for tabletop and beyond. Available now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

The Atlas Loom is a joint project with the incredible @DianaOfTheRose. A few months back, I joined a D&D campaign of hers. After a single session, I was compelled to reach out to her and be like, "we should make a worldbuilding podcast." Fast forward a few months and The Atlas Loom is now available.

Worldbuilding and storytelling are my passions. Stuff Keeps Happening exists because I wasn't happy with the way news stories were being presented. These are human stories; they shouldn't be presented so coldly. But my true passion lies in fiction. Collaborative fiction, at that! Tabletop gaming and RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, Blades in the Dark or Quest are incredible options for forging fun stories with friends, and I frankly don't know what is better than that in this life.

Besides that, I have been preparing for a trip to PAX Unplugged, a tabletop gaming convention in Philadelphia, PA. I leave TOMORROW, and will be there through Monday.

I've long enjoyed PAX (Penny Arcade Expo, a multi-location gaming convention), and have gone to PAX East in Boston a few times. This time around, I'm heading in with a media badge, attending as a creator. I am humbled to have this opportunity, and plan to make some fun content there when I can! I'll be running around to a bunch of places, meeting other creators and hopefully forging some new friendships and spark new collaborations to bring all of you even more fun stuff.

Stuff Keeps Happening is not going anywhere. You will still be hearing my takes on the silliest of things happening 'round the world. But brace yourself, because come 2024, you'll be seeing more of my face. Maybe not as up close as the intros of Stuff Keeps Happening, but you'll be seeing it alongside other creators. Perhaps playing a game. Perhaps telling a story together via said game. Who can say for sure?

As for everyone here who has subscribed and especially for paid subscribers, thank you. You are the reason I am able to do this. I realize I have not been posting much in the way of bonus content recently, and I plan to change that. The Atlas Loom also has a paid tier with bonus content, where we will be posting bloopers and whatnot. Which gave me an idea: I should... do that... here.

So. I'm gonna do that. Here. Paying subscribers: expect some goofy outtake posts and whatnot a bit more often here soon.

If you want even MORE, you can always support me via Patreon, where I post vlogs, insider updates and previews of what I'm working on. Oh, and Flynn pictures. Lots of Flynn pictures.

But for now, I must be off. Lots to do, and streaming later today.

Take care, be well, and I'll see you soon.

~ Endeavorance 🕊

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