This Bill Sucks, Get Rid Of It

Trans rights remain very much human rights. Also, a dam in Ukraine crumbles, Cop City gets a grant from the council, a spy has die, and Port Royal just kinda sank.

This Bill Sucks, Get Rid Of It

Turns out, Trans rights are human rights, regardless of how much fascists try to say otherwise

A US judge has temporarily blocked an anti-trans bill in Florida pushed by Ron DeSantis. The bill prevents young trans people from receiving medical care that has been found to be reliable, effective and safe by reputable health experts. But of course, why listen to them when we can instead have a bunch of old white men decide who can do what with their bodies?

Anyway, the judge basically handed down a ruling of "this bill is fucking stupid, what are you even doing?"

This will continue to bounce around, likely. But the judge has deemed it unconstitutional. So for now, that's where we stand.

War in Ukraine complicated further, again, again

A large dam in Ukraine has crumbled during the ongoing invasion from Russia. Downstream villages have been flooded, and critical infrastructure including a nuclear power plant are threatened by the destruction of the dam.

Russia and Ukraine have both come out blaming the other side, as both of them are impacted by the dam breakage. Territory still under control by Ukraine as well as invaded territory being held by Russia are both affected. Ukraine asserts that Russia had previously prepped explosives in the area, while Russia claims it was sabotage.

Meanwhile, citizens in the villages are scrambling to save their loved ones, pets and homes as their lives have been nearly washed away.

There's not really room for jokes here. Fuck Putin.

Cop city project in Atlanta granted $30 million from city council, despite years of protest and a full day of testimony against it by locals

I mean, see headline.

A cop and emergency services (but lets be real, its mostly for cops) training facility planned to be built where there is currently a forest in Atlanta has been granted $30 million from the city council. The vote was 11-4, and came after nearly a full days worth of testimony that was virtually all against the project.

These council members watched as citizens gave testimonies from 1pm until 5:30am, when they proceeded to vote to fund the project because we can just never give cops enough money, can we?

As a reminder, cops in America get armored tactical vehicles and qualified immunity. Teachers in America have to buy their own classroom supplies.

Spy die

Robert Hanssen, considered to be one of the most devastatingly bad double-agent spies America has had, has died (age 79) in his jail cell more than 20 years after being sentenced to life without parole.

Hanssen was an FBI agent who was selling classified info to Russia for HONESTLY NOT THAT MUCH MONEY. Like, 1-point-something million dollars. Like, look. I wouldn't say no to a million dollars. But I don't think that is quite "put my life at risk of being charged with high treason" money.

At least make it $2 million, come on.

On this day…

On this day in 1692, the town of Port Royal, Jamaica essentially sank into the ocean after a massive earthquake devastated the town.

It is estimated that about 5,000 people died from the event, with 2,000 people taken by the quake and thousands more in the ensuing tsunami and aftermath.

33 acres of the town fell below sea level, with the tops of buildings being the only thing you could see above the water. They literally had to re-draw the maps because of it.

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