Two Million Dimes

Someone stole two million dimes form a truck full of dimes. Also, massive intelligence leaks, super old politicians wont quit, NPR and PBS are out of Twitter, the CashApp founder was not randomly murdered, and more.

Two Million Dimes

That's just too many dimes

Someone broke in to a truck carrying millions upon millions of dimes, like, the US currency dimes.

The truck was carrying roughly $750,000 in dimes, and was parked in a Walmart parking lot when someone broke in and stole about $200,000 worth of dimes, or about two million dimes.

According to local officials, dimes were scattered all over the parking lot, likely a sign that whoever broke in and stole the dimes was just kinda yeeting dimes into whatever other containers they had. Dimes were found scattered along several nearby roads as well.

So if you work at a bank, maybe be on the lookout for someone trying to deposit two million dimes.


Someone leaked a ton of classified US intelligence documents online in one of the largest leaks since the Edward Snowden saga began. The documents began being shared in a now-deleted Discord server, quickly spreading all over the internet.

The docs had a bunch of info about current spy targets, our knowledge of Russia's army inner workings and just a bunch of general "country secrets that they'd probably rather not be public" kinda stuff.

The suspected leaker has been arrested.. He is a 21-year-old air national guardsman in their intel division, which tracks I guess.

This is gonna be one of those stories that takes a long time to play out, though Biden is very much downplaying the severity of the leak.

Hey can these old-ass politicians just retire or die or something already?

Two bits of news about people who are far, far too old to be in a position if near-supreme power in a country.

First, Dianne Feinstein, 89, who has missed dozens of votes due to being sick and is not even cleared to fly to DC to work, is refusing to step down from her position in the Senate despite basically everyone being like "ayo what the hell, step down"

She has said that she's seeking a temporary replacement for her on the Judiciary Committee, but the keyword there is "temporary."

At the same time, Mitch McConnell, 81, has said he will be returning to work after being hospitalized for a concussion after he feel recently. This is of course a big loss for concussions everywhere, and we'll need to wait until his next fall to root for them again.

NPR and PBS quit Twitter

NPR and PBS have both quit Twitter after first being labeled "State Affiliated Media" and then "Government Funded Media" accounts.

What has not been as much in the forefront of the reporting around this is the fact that the "State Media" tags they were given also remove their accounts from being found in trending tweets and the For You Page and whatnot. It's basically a very visible shadowban.

So both organizations have said "yeah, fuck that" and stepped away. One can only hope that this will give some other organizations the willpower to leave that hellsite. I cannot for the life of me understand why journalists are still using a website that is 100% owned and controlled by a sociopath who actively and loudly says that journalists are the enemy.

Republican officials truly just hate women

Last night at 11pm with very little announcement besides a tweet, Ron DeSantis (who I'm told by sources is a governor of a state, no less) signed a 6 week abortion ban into law.

This is because in addition to being a torturous christofascist, he is also a coward.

Notably, the law has not gone into effect just yet. There is a legal battle in the state supreme court over the existing 15 week ban, but that is almost assuredly going to be upheld, which would then put this into effect.

Separately, remember that single Texas judge who passed a decision which overturn access to medical abortion pills nationwide? Y'know, that cool thing that makes sense? The DOJ is now saying they'll take that fight to the supreme court, which is just SO COOL and fills me with hope. I think its really cool how a random judge is able to unilaterally impact the lives of everyone in the country regarding medication that has been in use for decades.

While the judge's decision has been challenged in part, it still restricts access to the medication via mail, among other restrictions. Just a reminder that Democrats were in control of the federal government, and are still in control of the DOJ, presidency and senate, and yet a single random fucking judge is making a larger impact on the country on this issue. What a real political party.

The CashApp founder was not killed by random crime

Oh, look! A bunch of rich white tech bros quickly pointed to unhoused people in SF as the source of violent crime after Bob Lee, founder of CashApp, was brutally stabbed to death. Elon Musk and co were more than happy to, without any evidence, take this as another booster to their "we are your saviors from the evil poors" rhetoric.

BUT TURNS OUT: he was killed by someone he knew, as with most murders. An arrest has been made for a man who also works in tech. The current understanding of the story is that Lee and the suspect were driving together late at night, when some kind of argument escalated to a stabbing.

I am sure there's much more to it than that, but the "he was just randomly killed! The city is so dangerous!" rhetoric was just wildfire until now.

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