Yes, Starbucks Busts Unions

Starbucks did "egregious and widespread" labor law violations. Tons of snow cut California's droughts in half. BetterHelp settles after sharing user therapy info with Facebook. Minecraft's next update gets a name.

Yes, Starbucks Busts Unions

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Starbucks actively doesn't give shit about its workers and would prefer them to be meat cogs in their business to maximize profits at the expense of their basic rights

A bit of a lengthy headline, sure, but an accurate  one.

A judge has found that Starbucks did "egregious and widespread" labor law violations in busting unions as workers attempted to organize. Notably, that is not allowed. In response, the court has ordered Starbucks to rehire the people they wrongfully terminated and compensate those affected by the labor rights laws they broke, to which Starbucks says "but we don't wanna".

The reason for this, scientifically, is because Starbucks executives are soulless ghouls who don't care about their employees aside from how much wealth they can extract through them.

Snow and rain storms cut California drought in half

They're not out of the woods yet, but the intense rain and snow dumped into California by recent weather patterns has alleviated a ton of the drought in the state.

I like it when natural resources are replenished. 👍

BetterHelp shared therapy info with Facebook for advertising

These allegations came out a few years back, but are now being settled. The FTC has also required BetterHelp to stop sharing that information, but I would uh... recommend against using a therapy company that has to be legally required to not share your information with Mark Zuckerberg.

CP in CP

The mayor of College Park, Maryland (home of University of Maryland, College Park) has been charged with 56 counts of child pornography possession. FIFTY SIX COUNTS. This comes just days after the bust of the Florida man who had 2,600 pounds of child exploitation material in boxes in his house.

The mayor has resigned but like damn, what?????

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