Ancient Cave Hallucinations

ChatGPT hallucinated the opposite of reality and now is being sued. Also, the Mario movie is breaking records, Musk doesn't know what NPR is, cavemen used to get super high, Apple is trying hard to prevent more unions and more.

Ancient Cave Hallucinations

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ChatGPT Did Some Defamation

ChatGPT may be causing a defamation lawsuit to be coming for OpenAI, as the generative AI has falsely accused an Australian mayor of being guilty of taking bribes.

Brian Hood, now mayor of Hepburn Shire (dope name, dope name) was originally known for his role as a whistleblower in a large bribery case. His actions directly lead to a conviction of a white collar criminal. Yet, ChatGPT "hallucinated" a story for someone which claimed that he was the criminal and took the exact bribes that, in actuality, he called out.

So we'll see if this is like, anything. I doubt it. OpenAI has a bunch of disclaimers about potentially incorrect information. But I mean, there's "incorrect" and then there's "totally inverting the story."


The Super Mario Bros Movie has set a record for the biggest opening weekend ever for an animated title in the global market, raking in $377 million.

It is also the biggest opening weekend in the domestic US market of the year.

While the reviews seem to amount to "I mean, it's Mario, but a movie," its just kinda nice to finally see a video game movie adaptation that actually gives a shit.

Elon Musk is actually a moron but we knew that

So Twitter has the ability to label accounts as state-affiliated media. This is used for situations where a country such as Russia or China directly runs a media wing. Elon Musk, being the big brained "totally free thinker" that he is, wanted to call NPR "state-affiliated media," not knowing that NPR is actually not state-affiliated and is instead publicly funded.

He also did this to the BBC, and both news organizations uh, didn't love that.

Anyway, it wasn't long until NPR was like "aight, we're out then" and a bunch of people explained in small words to the Big Tech Boy that NPR was not actually state media. He then was like "uh, whoops" as he tends to do these days with his myriad "missteps."

Literally why do these rich idiots have their hands on the levers of communication?

Ayo, let's get high in a cave

So it turns out that ancient humans used to get REAL WACKED OUT off some good shit.

Basically, we found some real old human hair, like prehistoric human hair, and we did science on it. What we found from the science was traces of ILLICIT DRUGS, multiple at that.

These absolute legends would take both uppers and downers, presumably getting blitzed out of their mind given that we hadn't yet invented TikTok to distract us from… y'know.

More likely, it looks like it may have been a ritualistic kind of thing, rather than a bunch of goobers getting high and giggling about fire.

Apple works to keep workers unrepresented

After two Apple stores unionized, Apple has been rolling out measures to make sure their employees don't follow Starbucks workers' lead.

During the routine retail staff meetings (called "Daily Downloads" because of course), managers have been reading scripts prepared from corporate which basically amount to "wow, ya know, those unionized stores really are terrible. I bet you don't wanna end up terrible like them. It's just terrible."

Examples of the horrors of unions that Apple gives include having to give 1.5% of your pay as dues, and having the union negotiate on your behalf. Oh, no! An organization whose sole purpose is advocacy might be your advocate. Don't you think it'd be better if instead it were just you versus our rigid corporate structuring?

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