We Are All Lofi Girl On This Blessed Day

We got Lofi Girl Lore that we definitely didn't deserve. Also, more shootings, a giant trash fire, thousands of pounds of toxic dirt spilled, a sentient gun and more.

We Are All Lofi Girl On This Blessed Day

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Okay so if you're not familiar with the Lofi Girl, idk what to tell ya. Basically its a well known constant livestream on YouTube (as well as playlists on music services) of a bunch of chill lo-fi beats. Notably, the stream features an animated girl who is always studying alongside her cat.

Well RECENTLY, a light across the way outside the Lofi Girl's window was flickering with blue light. Then, among a few other sudden happenings, the stream zoomed in to the blue window VERY SLOWLY, like over hours, eventually revealing another room.

Turns out, we now have a new friend to the Lofi Girl: Synthwave Boy!

I dunno how else to explain that "ongoing music stream now has lore" is actually like an internet-breaking-scale event, so just take my word for it.

Two more mass shootings in two days

First, and you've probably already seen about this one, but there was a shooting in Louisville, Kentucky. 5 human lives have been ended, with 8 people wounded. The gunman was a 23-year-old who legally purchased their firearm 6 days prior.

Following that, there was a shooting in Washington, DC outside of a funeral home, where a funeral had just taken place for someone who died in a shooting. 1 person killed, 3 wounded.

These two mark the 145th and 146th mass shooting incident in the US in 2023. We are 101 days into the year, making that an average of about a mass shooting and a half per day so far this year.

But haha, jokes!

A big ol' trash fire sparks an evacuation

A recycling plant in Wayne County, Indiana has Very Caught Fire and is spewing a huge plume of black smoke into the air. The smoke has been described as "definitely toxic," and anyone within a half mile radius has been evacuated because of the definitely toxic black smoke.

Those downwind have also been advised to shelter in place.

One resident is quoted in saying "It's just not a good smell," which I find to be illuminating, personally.

But if you thought that was the only major industrial toxicity issue of today, lemme introduce our next story…

It has to be a curse at this point, really

Remember when that train derailed in Ohio and spilled a ton of toxic chemicals that they then tried to clean up by burning and we learned that it happened because of slashed safety regulations in the name of profit seeking from massive corporations who get to bend the law to their will? lol

Well anyway, a dump truck carrying 40,000 pounds of toxic soil from that crash site has itself… crashed.

The truck overturned, dumping out about 20,000 pounds of said toxic soil all over the highway, in a horrifyingly poetic turn of events.

Every day I am closer to believing that this is truly all just scripted.

This gun does, in fact, shoot people

A WaPo investigation has dug into a strange occurrence with the SIG Sauer P320 handgun, which seems to have a bad habit of firing itself randomly. So much so that cops who have the gun issued to them have sometimes refused to carry it with them or bring it home out of fear that it might just randomly shoot them.

Notably, the manufacturer strongly denies that this is even possible, and says that the hundreds of reports of random discharges—some of which have critically wounded people—must've all just been mishandlings from the owners.

Here's a nice lil' quote from the WaPo article:

Firearms are one of the few products that are exempt from federal consumer product safety regulations. No regulatory body has the power to investigate alleged defects or impose a mandatory recall of guns.


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