Drew Barrymore is a Scab

Drew Barrymore is a scab. Also, Drew Barrymore is a scab, Drew Barrymore is a scab, the new iPhone has USB-C, Drew Barrymore is a scab, Unity is doing some really dumb pricing changes, and massive flooding has devastated Libya.

Drew Barrymore is a Scab

Drew Barrymore is a Fucking Scab

Drew Barrymore has decided to take her show back on air, directly flying in the face of the ongoing writers strike. Her announcements around the return of the show were intentionally vague in an attempt to make it seem like she's not just being an absolute fucking scab, but to be clear: she is an absolute fucking scab.

Anyone who appears on her show is a scab as well. Her own writers are literally out on the picket lines with protests outside of her studio.

She keeps playing dumb and continues to talk as if this isn't a massive "fuck you" to her own staff and all of the striking workers.

Scabs are scum. Don't cross the picket line. Drew Barrymore has owned this decision and is now and forever a fucking scab.

New iPhone Finally Has USB-C

Apple announced the next iPhone at their latest event, the shiny new iPhone 15. It has USB-C, primarily because EU regulators now require it so that Apple stops being shitty with forcing the outdated lightning cable on people in a world where everything else ever uses USB-C now.

Also the pro models are made of titanium. Which is. Uh. I mean. PREMIUM!

Unity On Their Bullshit

If you tend to play Video James, you probably have played a Video Jame using the Video Jame Engine called "Unity". Well, Unity is pulling some top tier bullshit, causing developers to clap back so hard that some developers are vowing to ditch working with Unity entirely.

Okay lemme back up. Unity is a game engine. Its an option for game developers to use when building out a game. You may have heard of other engines such as Unreal Engine, its just like that. Kinda.

Anyway, Unity announced a new pricing structure for developers using their game engine: after a certain amount of revenue, developers will owe Unity 20 cents per install of their game. Per. Install. If a user installs a game, uninstalls, then re-installs, that is 40 cents for unity. If your game is played in a web browser, Unity gets 20 cents every time their web game engine initializes.

Game developers are fucking irate, as you may expect. This is not the first time Unity has pulled some serious pricing bullshit, and far from the first time that Unity has made deeply unpopular decisions that caused developers to have to think twice before using their engine. The backlash here is ROUGH, so we'll see if they reverse course. Like, I cannot emphasize this enough: this is one of the most tone-deaf, bonkers decisions I've ever seen.

Libya's Catastrophic Floods

An unprecedented storm caused multiple dams to burst in Libya, resulting in truly devastating flooding that has all but destroyed the city of Derna.

Entire neighborhoods have been swept away by rushing water, as the floods have claimed anywhere between 2,000 and 5,000 lives at time of writing, with the toll expected to continue to increase for days.

This comes right on the heels of the massive earthquake in Morocco, the horrific fires in Maui and the intense hurricanes seen throughout this season. This chaos has disrupted or claimed countless lives.

If you would like to donate to efforts aiding the victims, here are a couple of options:

On This day…

On this day in 1814 during the war of 1812, the British failed to take over Baltimore (presumably due to a well trained militia of crabs equipped with knives). The battle sparked the authoring of what would eventually become the national anthem of the US, Star Spangled Banner.

Notably, the original poem was called "The Defense of Fort M'Henry," and the lyrics of the original poems later verses are uh. I mean. It's American history. They're racist.

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