Some of my Sources & Why I Use Them

A look at some of the sources I use when producing Stuff Keeps Happening, along with some thoughts about the quality and use cases of each source.

Hello! I get a decent amount of questions about what my sources are. While I always link to source articles and primary sources when possible, I thought it could be good to go through a list of some of my more frequently used sources and give my quick thoughts about them.

To be clear: I use a lot of varying sources and cross-reference major stories and whatnot. Additionally, using a source is not the same as endorsing it. There are some feeds that I follow that I don't love following or disagree with often. But it is still helpful to get a feel for the discussion being had, and sometimes a news outlet that I don't like still brings up a story I would not have otherwise seen. That will then prompt me to go find more information from places I can feel more confident about citing.

This is gonna be a bonus installment for paid subscribers! Thank you all so much for following Stuff Keeps Happening.

I'll do these in installments becuase I follow a bunch of feeds and it'd be a LOT to put in one issue.

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