Here's our AI - Don't Trust It

Microsoft has a new AI but they say you shouldn't trust it. Mark Zuckerberg wants to get teens in his virtual world. Zoom laid of 1,300 people and BP is doing a "bad PR" any% speedrun

Microsoft says don't trust their AI

Right out of the gate, Microsoft has warned people to not fully trust their new AI-powered search thing. They can't really stop it from spitting out confidently incorrect replies, so they're asking you to just "use your best judgement."

Maybe the best judgement would be to not rush an AI misinformation machine to market.

Teens welcome to New ZUCCland

Meta's "Horizon Worlds" VR app is aiming to be opened up to 13-17 year old teens soon. Because when you think about what modern teenagers want, its access to a VR world made by Facebook and largely geared towards working professionals?? Or rather, largely geared towards Mark Zuckerberg and nobody else.

Zoom laying off 1,300 people

Zoom is laying off 1,300 employees, who are called "Zoomies" internally. I shit you not: a real life announcement of a layoff of over a THOUSAND WORKING HUMAN BEINGS unironically contains the following line:

For those Zoomies waking up to this news or reading this after normal work hours, I am sorry you are finding out this way

The CEO is taking a one year pay cut and foregoing bonuses this year. Which I mean its more than nothing but like... you still just laid off 1,300 people by way of blog post and opened it up with "Zoomies,"

BP hits 114 year profit high and so they're cutting their climate initiatives because its 2023 and now we just double down on that shit

Long headline? Perhaps. But an accurate one. BP is the next massive oil company to post record profits. Simultaneously, they're cutting back on their previous climate "commitments" and are going to ramp UP oil production in the coming years.

Nintendo Direct today

Bringing up the rear here to bring up the mood is Nintendo. They're doing a Nintendo Direct today, the first of the year. Expect stuff about the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, among other things.

Also, Nintendo is going to boost their employee salaries by 10%. This is by no means a "Nintendo is a perfect company" thing, but its a stark contrast to the news of most other companies in that space right now.

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