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Disney lays off 7,000. Nintendo showed off some games. Netflix is really doing it. The UK government cares deeply about Call of Duty.

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Disney's turn to do layoffs

Disney is laying off 7,000 people, which comes out to be about 3% of their workforce. After the announcements, their stock rose 8%. By my math, they can more than 2x their stock price by simply laying off 99% of their workforce.

Nintendo direct happened

Nintendo did their first Nintendo Direct of the year. They announced a bunch of games for the Switch as well as a few release dates. Pikmin 4 releases July 21st. A bunch of Game Boy and GBA games are coming to the Switch's emulator bundle thing. We got another (very short) look at Tears of the Kingdom.

Out of left field though, they announced a remastered Metroid Prime for Switch which is out now.

Netflix is really doin' it

Netflix has "An Update on Sharing" which they would like you to read. The update is that you shouldn't be sharing. They've already begun to roll out the anti-sharing stuff and they seem to be quite aware that its not gonna make people particularly happy.

Because why should services remain user-friendly when they could simply make more money by... not... doing that?

UK Government not okay with Microsoft purchasing Activision

The CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) has raised a flag against Microsoft purchasing Activision-Blizzard. Among other things, they cite Call of Duty when discussing how the deal would consolidate too many AAA entertainment franchises under one roof.

Google did an oops

While racing with Microsoft to come out with an AI-powered search thingy, Google seems to be rushing a bit more than they can handle. Their AI tool gave an incorrect answer in their announcement demo, causing their stock to tumble.

Imma be real, what the hell is up with Google? This is coming from a former google fanboy (I know, I'm sorry). Google Search is like notably worse these days and it just seems like everything they do has twelve asterisks next to it. I'm glad they have a fire lit under them because it's time for some change.

Twitter stuff

Twitter increased the maximum size of a tweet to 4,000 characters. And then like, right after that happened, it went down lol.

People were getting errors saying "you've reached your maximum daily tweet limit" so now that has people speculating on a possible upcoming pay-to-tweet model.

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