Not talking about that stupid balloon

They found a very big, very old cave. Also, Elon found not guilty. Blizzard got a slap on the wrist. Everyone is doing their best ChatGPT impersonation and more.

So they found a huge underground cave

Some archeologists were spelunkin' and they saw some thin passage that was filled with hardened sediment. So they started digging away at it but then COVID happened. So they stopped. But then they started again and like AYO, turns out there was a MASSIVE underground cavern filled with signs of cave bears that went extinct 27,000 years ago.

So thats neat.

Elon found not guilty, citing that he wanted to avoid bad press??

Elon Musk was on trial for misleading investors via his tweets about taking Tesla private. He was found not guilty by a jury. His arguments ranged from "just because I tweet it doesn't mean you should believe me" to "I totally thought it was a deal, but I didn't want the media to leak that I was dealing with the Saudis, so I tweeted that" and ultimately the prosecution failed to get past that "reasonable doubt" barrier.

In short, he claims he had a more or less handshake deal with Saudi investors and then the deal fell through.

Activision-Blizzard fined for not even knowing how bad their workplace was

The SEC has fined Activision-Blizzard a whopping (read: measely) $35 Million. The fine is essentially for being so bad at knowing how bad their own conditions were that they didn't even know to warn investors about how bad it was.

Everyone wants to be ChatGPT

Google is reportedly testing their own version of ChatGPT internally. Microsoft seemingly accidentally launched thier GPT-powered Bing interface early. It's kinda wack that the prevailing product theory here is that search and content online has gotten so messed up that we need to make a robot munge it all together to be usable again.

Idk, maybe stop encouraging bad content farms to make bad content.

U.S. jobs report looks good but also people still die because they can’t afford insulin

The U.S. jobs report came in for January and it had some good numbers in it. 517,000 new jobs, unemployment at 3.4%, which is a 53-year low.

BUT, that's not the whole picture of course. Unemployment is a weird number to look at. Like, it doesn't include people who have given up on finding employment. It's neat that more jobs are a thing. But also I'd feel a lot better if our country's leader didn't very recently slight the rail workers union.

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