A whole lotta earnings

A groundhog didn't quite make it. Lots of $40 Billion (with a "B") and AI is gonna start writing intelligent marketing spam.

Groundhog didn't quite make it

A groundhog that was supposed to let us know if we're almost out of winter uh… kinda just died right before the moment of truth. Apparently some local kids took over and declared six more weeks of winter, but I question their credentials.

Shell rakes in money, what a surprise

Shell took in $40 Billion (with a "B") in profits. SHOCKING. Hey maybe the gas prices didn't need to be so high after all.

Facebook does a stock buyback. Weird, their stock went up.

Facebook (Meta) had a mighty good stock rally. Perhaps fueled in part by a $40 Billion (again with a "B") stock buyback. Its weird, I feel like they just laid off a bunch of people, but managed to scrounge together a small sum of FORTY BILLION DOLLARS to manipulate stock prices. At least priorities are in order.

Honestly like just a lot of earnings

Google profits down. Amazon earnings tight.

Lots of Netflix stuff

Netflix has been talking about it for a while but they're finally getting close to enforcing their no-password-sharing rules. They will require that your devices log in on your home network once a month or they will consider you to be password sharing. Because every family is always in the same place all the time.

But its okay because they're gonna save the world. They plan to do more electric vehicle placement in shows in partnership with GM.

Unfortunately that partnership with GM is not good enough to fix their lack of animators on staff, so they turned to AI generated artwork in an anime they recently made. I mean in this economy, who can afford to pay for animators to work at your animation studio?

The era of AI marketing

Microsoft is integrating AI text generation into a sales and customer relations app they have to make it so that sales people don't have to do the sales thing as much.

Twitter going bazonkers with their API

Twitter is ending all free access to its API and at least on the first pass of their new pricing tiers seem to be charing absolutely outrageous prices per API request. Like, $150 is the cheapest, for FIVE HUNDRED API REQUESTS.

For perspective, that $0.30 per API hit. Typically an API hit costs a fraction of a cent at most.

Many projects have already announced they're stopping entirely.

Simplisafe launches feature to watch through your cameras

The feature is marketed to be for their monitoring staff to be able to see and talk to home invaders when a camera is tripped while the system is armed. I… do we really need that???????????

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