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The layoffs never end. Elon fired an engineer because they told him he annoys people. A reporter was arrested for reporting. Neuralink is mishandling pathogens and more.

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The layoffs really just aren't stopping

The layoffs just kinda keep rolling in, despite the narrative of "oh well the economy is just too bad right now we made an oopsie" not really holding up. Perhaps its something else?

Anyway, among others, Yahoo is laying off 20% of its staff (1,600 human beings) and Github is laying off 10%.

Yahoo's CEO did note that their layoffs are not because of larger economic reasons, so at the very least they're not hiding behind that.

Elon fired someone because they told him that people are over his shit

Elon Musk reportedly fired a top engineer at Twitter because the engineer told him the truth: Musk's tweets aren't getting much engagement because people are tired of his shit. The engineer who was fired has confirmed this in a tweet of their own, and goes on to imply that Elon would be asking engineers to artificially inflate view counts for tweets and ads.

Reporter arrested at Ohio governor speech

A reporter was arrested at an event where Ohio governor Mike DeWine was talking about a recent train derailment. The derailment was of a freight train carrying hazardous chemicals, and they ended up evacuating the area and burning the chemicals, which they warned could cause instant death to people who inhaled fumes. Very Ohio vibes.

Anyway, a reporter was arrested for reporting there. Cops threw him to the ground and took him out of the building and are claiming he was trespassing and aggressive, despite clear video evidence to the contrary.

DeWine has said that reporters have a right to report at his speeches.

The DoT is investigating Neuralink after receiving a letter from the Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine claiming that Neuralink poses "an ongoing public health risk" due to potential mishandling of dangerous and infectious pathogens.

Neuralink, Elon Musk's brain implant company, has been under fire for killing a ton of monkeys in the process of testing their brain chip implants. Now, the letter sent to the DoT says that they continue to employ a surgeon who has been caught violating medical standards.

Rental evictions in England are up 98% this year

There were over 5,400 rental evictions in England in Q4 of 2022 alone as the housing market continues to just go apeshit. While England has its own whole mess of issues going on right now, they are made worse by global economic pressures and the increasingly massive wealth disparities in the west.

Notably, renter reposessions seem to be happening at a significantly higher rate than mortgage reposessions, with the highest rental reposessions being 151 in 100,000 and the highest mortgage reposessions being 66 in 100,000. Pressure is being put on the UK gov to better fund housing benefits in their upcoming budget.

But its okay because homelessness is totally just a fact of life, right? Nothing to do with an unjust economic system. Some people just deserve it, yeah?

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