We found it!

I mean, "we" didn't but they found that capsule in Australia. Also Google got rekt, Apex Mobile is gone and more.


After a tiny radioactive capsule was lost in Australia, it has been found. So, I mean, its a little less dangerous out there.

Big Ol' Google Fi Hack

Seemingly fallout from the recent massive T-Mobile data breach, Google Fi customers are now having their data being used in malicious ways. One person reportedly got totally got.

RIP Apex Mobile, we hardly knew ye

Apex Legends for mobile is shutting down after barely a year. We hardly knew ye. Like, really, we barely played ye.

Tom Hanks gets a Deepfake

In an upcoming movie, Tom Hanks will be de-aged using AI deepfake tech. Apparently the same tech that is being used to make those Tom Cruise deepfakes.

Amazon not delivering via drones anytime soon

The FAA kinda put the nail in that coffin, and seemingly only intends to add more nails. Amazon made like… ten deliveries before they had to stop.

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