Extras: What's Going On with Reddit?

Literally what is even going on...?

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So, Reddit has been in the news for a smidge, huh? And because this is the internet in 2023, everyone has a hot take to get out there. Myself obviously included. Unfortunately, my take is a lot less hot, and a lot more "here's a ton of context about the situation and why it's another example of how the internet has been dominated by greed causing everything that was once good about the web to be boiled down to an advertisement vending machine."

Uh. Okay. I'll stop there so there's any point at all in watching the video. I say a lot more words in a pretty good order in it, so. Go watch it.

The video is below the fold for paid-tier subscribers. Otherwise, I'll see you tomorrow with more Stuff Keeps Happening!

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