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Let's chat a bit about sustaining Stuff Keeps Happening! And a big ol' THANK YOU for being here.

Hello, dear readers!

Stuff Keeps Happening has been a blast to put together and publish, and I have no intention for that to stop any time soon. I recently transitioned to doing content creation work full time, which means I'm taking some time to review possible ways to make this work sustainable.

One of the best and most direct ways to support my work is to subscribe right here to the paid tier of Stuff Keeps Happening. For $5/mo or $50/year, you can help me keep this going without needing to strike brand deals or other crap like that, which is something I am trying very hard to not have to turn to.

I think it would be much healthier to try and work out a way to keep everything directly supported by the community, so pardon me as I write this up basically being like "hey, please subscribe, uwu"

The Big Boy Paid Tier

Stuff Keeps Happening currently just has the two tiers: free and paid. The free tier will always get the Monday/Wednesday/Friday SKH newsletter. The paid tier gets a few bonuses:

  • (New!) Comment on issues directly on!
  • Periodic bonus content including deep dives, exclusive longer form videos, etc
  • My undying gratitude

That third bullet point kinda sums most of it up though: I cannot promise a deluge of bonus content that will make your $5/mo the best value you've ever spent. But, I can promise that I will try really hard to Not Be Shitty and continue to make an approachable space and hopefully a laugh or two while keeping you updated on the Stuff that Keeps Happening.

THAT SAID, I do have a bonus content thing currently in the works to dive deeper into the Reddit meltdown thats going on. That'll go up in the next few days probably.

So, if you think you'd like to support my work, first of all THANK YOU, second of all you can head to and click "Subscribe".

What about a Patreon?

I have that too! Thanks for asking! My Patreon has a few tiers and includes more behind the scenes and casual updates. If you'd like to get that kind of stuff and SKH bonus content, you can also sign up for a higher tier over at Patreon.

Closing out

Thanks for even just being here. Knowing that people care at all is such a huge driving factor for me to keep doing this, and I want to make sure I can do it as best I can for as long as I can.

Can't wait for what comes next. Thank you so much for your support.

~Endeavorance 🕊️

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