YouTube University

Get college credits from YouTube. Also school admins ignored warnings, fast food companies spend money to not spend money, and more.

Green Bros make YouTube College

Seems actually kinda cool. Help get accelerated credit and reduce tuition ridiculousness.


School ignored warnings about kid with gun

I hate that series of words. The 6-year-old who shot his teacher apparently caused alarm that wass ignored day-of. One admin was warned that he had put the gun in his pocket during recess and they said thats unlikely due to his small pockets.


Fast food comapnies don't want their employees being paid enough to eat

Instead of raising wages, they're spending millions to keep wages lower.


Elon Musk reinstated a nazi and then undid that, again

Hey maybe Nazis don't need major social media platforms, and the notion that they deserve a platform is just nazi sympathizer tactics. Just maybe.


Trump allowed back on Instagram/FB

He also reportedly wants back on Twitter, seeking to break his deal to post first on Truth Social.


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Jamie Larson